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Thread: Me tory sleaze

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    Default Me tory sleaze

    The leader of the Scottish Conservatives has reported himself over undeclared earnings while serving as an MP.

    Douglas Ross has apologised for failing to fully record his MSP salary and earnings as a football referee in his register of interests at Westminster.

    This included 6,700 for work as a match official for the Scottish Football Association.

    He has now referred himself to the parliamentary standards watchdog.

    The SNP said the Conservative MSP was "knee-deep in the Tory sleaze scandal".

    In a statement, first reported in The Herald newspaper, Mr Ross said all his earnings had now been declared after what he described as an "error on my behalf that shouldn't have happened".

    I bet he remembers to claim for the poppy he had to buy for Remembrance Sunday

    Michael Stone is innocent.
    Convicted without any forensic evidence and failed to be picked at any ID parade
    So who did kill Lin & Megan Russell

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    Politics thread?

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    The stench of corruption wafts out of Holyrood as strongly as it does from Westminster. I do not have any facts but I suspect that a high proportion of politicians have slipped back in to the old habit of feathering their nests for that rainy day when they don't get re elected and have to look for a real job.

    No party is immune from this behaviour.

    I remember Cameron coming out with a statement regarding austerity but equally fits this current behaviour, it was "we are all in this together". Yes they have all got their noses in the trough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Bowler View Post
    I do not have any facts but
    Rather defeats the strength of your argument, I fear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corky Smeek View Post
    Rather defeats the strength of your argument, I fear.
    As stated suspect, not an argument.

    Getting facts on this topic of sleaze would be quite an achievement before all the guilty ones have surfaced.

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    His MSP salary is donated to charity.

    It's funny how the BBC choose not to mention that when they easily could.

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    I think politicians from every side 'are at it' one way or another, very few, if any are truly altruistic. I wonder if there was any political involvement in this story. Sturgeon's Book Publisher Investigated Over Award Of 295,000 Taxpayer Cash :: Caithness Business Index (

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    Well, it is certainly the case that many Tories "are at it".

    This is a list of some of the more serious allegations currently facing a number of Tory MPs.

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