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Thread: Just had to share this electric guitar playing...

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    Default Just had to share this electric guitar playing...

    I download quite a bit of music from Usenet (aka 'newsgroups') it's one of the oldest parts of the internet. Most ISPs operate a news server but keep quiet about it as it can increase the load on their network if heavily used.

    There has recently been a load of transcriptions posted of various classical works, mainly Bach, performed on classical guitar, mandolin, harp and lute and quite a few on electric guitar and electric bass.

    Never heard of this guy before, Alex Masi (but that's probably because I'm a keyboard player) but I know (sadly I can't play, it's too difficult) the Bach Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue BWV903 in Dm. It's fiendishly complex and stunning just to hear it played well on a harpsichord, but to hear it screaming out on a solo electric lead guitar kind of blew me away!

    I seem to recall that the 1986 movie Crossroads ( features this piece in the final battle between the kid and devil

    I found a link you can listen to bits of it here:

    it's track number 13

    Certainly a dazzling guitarist

    found a youtube link of some young lad playing it too, sound is a bit muddy, but you get the idea
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    Crossroads features a piece called "Eugenes Trick Bag" played by no other than Mr Steve Vai...It`s a mixture of classical arpeggios, a bit of stolen Paganini, a sliding polyrhythmic line, a position changing Vai "Roth era" pattern, bit of palm muting and finally an A harmonic minor scale with optional pickup can be seen here
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