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Hi Kimmie sorry I've not been in touch but have been without a machine (B- - - -y) thing packed in. I forgot there was another brother of Snowies he was Charles his byname I can't for the life of me remember what it was.

All the best for Christmas and 2110.

Hi Robert, sorry for late reply, been a real tough three months...will look into Snowys brother, and see wht the family can remember.

Regarding the family mentioned above, is this the same Neil who was on the Eastward, he was from Kinlochbervie, Sutherlandshire

There was also a Neil MacIntosh Jnr who died in 1938. He drowned in Thurso Harbour aged 38.

I also know of Angus MacIntosh who co-owned the boat The Gannet and was coxswain on the lifeboat. He was also on the boats - Primula and the Solace.

Thanks Thirsaloon
There were several McIntosh's brothers, and three of them were called Neil, two of the Neil's were nicknamed 'cuddles' and both drowned although for different reasons. no wonder this family is confusing
Cuddle's jnr is the 1938 drowning, which is the one my dad remembers, he didnt realise his brother was also called cuddles or that he had drowned earlier.

As for the other questions, yes they did originate from Kinlochbervie, and Angus was on the boats....Angus' daughter, is still in Thurso...so will contact her for more info.
Also there is a lovely lady called Ray, who is also connected to the Kinlochbervie side.

Dont you just love family trees, great way for being a private eye