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Thread: Snody/Soddy Surname - Caithness

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    Default Snody/Soddy Surname - Caithness

    Grasping at straws here...looking for ANY information on the Snody/Snoddy families living in the Caithness area. Have tracked my line back to Larne, NI, with a William Snoddy that came from Scotland ca 1668 to Larne. HELP!!!!

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    I have a Ann Manson 2nd marriage to Morison Snody on 18 Dec. 1812 in Thurso Caithness. Morison was son of John Snody and Janet Leith. Morison was born 1786 in Canisbay, Caithness.

    Ann Manson first marriage was to William Oman

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    In my extended family tree, I have a William Warse married 1778 to an Isobel Snody born 1758......daughter of ....I think.....Adam Snoddie and Merrion Green

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    Default adam snody

    I have some SNODY info I can send to a private email, and there is another correspondent I have who is interested in SNODY, at Genesreunited I think?

    Email me at [email protected] if you want the info and the contact.

    According to Cowper & Ross's 'Pre 1855 Monumental Inscriptions of Caithness', an Adam SNODY was buried Canisbay cemetery 1801 in his 90th yr and some descendants including Morrison SNODY died 1848 age 65 who was Writer in Thurso and factor for both the Earl of Caithness & William SINCLAIR of Freswick are mentioned.

    There were a number of Morrison SNODY's, eg
    - Morrisson SNODY born circa 1783 who married Ann MANSON in 1812
    - Dec 7, 1808 Morison Snody born, son of Adam Snody and Ephy Gunn, Orphir
    - Morrison SNODY born 1848, who in 1874 married Ann/Anne/Annie MCDONALD 1850-1930, son of
    - Morrison SNODY & Betsy GILCHRIST
    - Morison SNODY born c.1827 ( census data) to James & MArion SNODY
    - Morrison SNODY born 1901 to Samuel Morrison SNODY & Catherine GRAHAM, Samuel being a son of Morrison SNODY & Ann MCDONALD.

    Ann MCDONALD 1850-1930 is on my MCDONALD tree, the daughter of John MCDONALD 1821-1866 & Jean/Jane GILCHRIST 1827-1905. She married twice more, to Alexander NICOLSON in 1884 and James SMITH in 1889.

    John MCDONALD was a police constable who served at a number of locations eg Lairg, Creich, Kildonan, Aberdeen, etc, his parents were Neil MCDONALD & Christina MCDONALD who were from Lairg. I know little about Neil MCDONALD but Christina was the daughter of Angus MCDONALD & Ann ROSS who lived at Bualnatobrach then Breaklead / Breckled in Lairg parish. Angus was also known as MCCOIRL, a fact which stymied efforts to find pre-1700 baptisms of known issue for many years until the alternative name was realised. I am descended from Christina MCDONALD's brother Angus MCDONALD who married Margaret MCCOLL.

    Jane GILCHRIST mentioned above was christened Latheron parish 1827 to George GILCHRIST & Anne MCDONALD and had a number of siblings including Betsy 1825 mentioned above who married Morrison SNODY. Census data appears to indicate that Betsy may have had further issue Elizabeth SINCLAIR c.1852 and Ann SINCLAIR c.1865 but how Mr SINCLAIR fits the picture I don't know.


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    oops a correction

    Morrison SNODY the son of Samuel Morrison SNODY was born 1904 not 1901.


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    Default Snody

    At the end of Dec 1845, beginning of Jan 1846 Morrison Snody donated a large quantity of New Testament to general assembly school and in October of 1849 in a advertisement a "Handsome Britska" with travelling boxes to suit two horses was for sale. Interested parties were asked to contact Mr. Snody, Caithness Street Thurso.

    I also know of a John Snody who died aged 70 in Thurso around June 1830 he was a farmer in Canisbay. That's all I know i'm afraid.

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