All members posting on the Music forum, please note that if you link to your MySpace page or YouTube account or any other 'personal' webpages, where your/others musical output is available and your/others lyrics are of an adult nature (containing swearing or sexual content etc), then these links will be treated in the same manner as if you had posted the music/video directly on these forums.

Forum policy is quite clear about this -

Swearing & Sexual Content
We do not tolerate swearing or sexual content (or innuendo) of any kind. This includes using ***'s or any other form of word ma5k1ng. You must understand that these forums are read by people of all ages and we must moderate accordingly.

The Infraction points will vary from 1 point for Innuendo to >10 points for intentional strong swearing, duration of the points will vary but will generally be 3 months.

Links to Other Websites
We have no problem with users posting links to other web sites, however, everyone should be aware that posts containing links to other web sites will be treated in the same manner as a normal post. If the content of the site breaches our terms and conditions the poster will be subject to the same moderation as if the content was posted on our site. i.e. site contains swearing or sexual content, poster receives suitable amount of Infraction points.

Users should also be aware that although the page they link to may seem innocent enough on first glance, it may be linked to adult content. Websites should at least be checked for an "acceptable use policy" outlining a policy on adult content or that any adult content on the website is more than 2 links away from the url posted.