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Thread: Wick fishing boats

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    I forgot to add the Amethyst WK 635 Skippered by Geoff Henstridge, He also had the Alvidra Elaine WK 111 after Ike mackenzie before selling her to Andy Sutherland.

    i remember the boats all coming in to land in the afternoon in the summer time one year & they were all gutting in the harbour, there were 38 Danish boats in that day & 14 Wick boats with a couple of Grimsby trawlers !!!

    My brother came home with a bag full of haddies for us that day, he had been gutting fish & helping one of the Wick boats get their fish ready for market.

    The haddies were lovely though
    Cmey e Scorries

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    Quote Originally Posted by COACHMAN View Post
    Morning Star WK 27 Skipper-Dusty MacDonald i think.
    If its the same Dusty "We're a' catched"
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    The Immaculate was skippered by Sandy Miller She was WK94 The Economy was skippered by George Thain The Snowdrop was skippered by (Wellum Chimes) William James Coull and then James McKay (Fletter)
    Others I forgot about were
    Integrity Skippered by Hugh Calder WK412
    Godetia Skippered by John Sinclair WK164
    Fulmar Skippered by Malcolm Steven WK 90 ?
    Girl Margaret Skippered by Jack Ross snr WK343
    Trust Skippered by Jim Oag WK428
    Speedwell Skippered by John Sinclair WK355 ?

    Wellum Chimes had the St Vincent for a while as did Sandy Spence who later worked for Highland buses
    John Sinclair that had the Be In Time had the Ebeneezer for a while before before she was sold to John Sutherland of Lybster (not the one Ernie Miller had) Did he not have the Sustain as well???? for a time
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    Broken cross Yes Same man the Morning Star was used on the "bill heads " of Millers of St Monance for years
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    Aye great times and if the harbour ever fills with yachts it will never be the same. Some of the old boys mentioned would not believe it possible if they saw the harbour now.

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    Default Lybster

    Seonaid Skipper Donnie Calder then Dod Bremner (or was it one of the Dunbars) WK29
    North Star Skipper Hugh Calder WK29
    Silver Cloud (two boats) Skippered by George Carter WK80 WK270
    Deveronside Skipper Donald Calder WK176
    Fram Skipper Noel Sutherland WK28
    Moira Skipper Alec Calder then Noel Sutherland WK439
    Restless Wave Skipper Alec Calder WK439
    Alban Skipper Alec Cowie WK222
    Fairy Queen Skipper Donnie Calder WK204
    Wanderer Skipper Billy Keith WK501
    Procure Skipper Jack Young WK186
    Cordelia Skipper Don Carter WK226
    Valena Skipper George Carter ??
    Loch Lorna Skipper Donald Cormack WK156
    Morvenna Skipper Alec Calder WK439
    Restless Wave 11 Skipper Jim Dunbar WK339
    Glad Tidings Skipper John George Forbes ??

    A list of the top of my head so any more ?? ;-))))
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    memory fails at this.back of the war
    ronnie sutherlands father skippered the immaculate[tommy]
    the tern was robert swanson num brother derby wiseman brother in law and dutchy and geordag thain for a time
    num then had the golden eagle built in scalloway
    when you look over all this some were staxigoe somelybster others keiss and from all over
    who was it picked up the abandonded scrob off orkney and towed her in
    not sure was it the endeavour
    she lay at the foot of the shore road for ages until money changed hands
    another scrob came over then and took her back home
    wiseman and alister henderson then went together memory fails tony

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    The Norwegian picked up off Copinsay was the Juny She was found by George Swanson in the Enterprise WK229 off the top of my head John Bain William Swanson Andrew Taylor and ?? Robertson were the crew at the time Billy MacKenzie that worked for the GPO was out pleasure tripping when they found her I think this would be in 1966

    Apologies Tony ...Robert Swanson had the Tern It was the Pursuit WK69 that James "Derby" Swanson had!!
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    thats definrtly some of the crew that picked up the norwegian at least long john and taylor were on her
    they abandonded ship on the norgwegan coast
    she had a shot of fish aboard too[smellan] tony

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    Tony Did it not half hum !!! I must look into where she came from in Norway She was about 60ft in length

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    must check who thisswanson was and if he came from staxigoe as derby never had a boat maybe come up with it tomorrow tony

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tighsonas4 View Post
    must check who thisswanson was and if he came from staxigoe as derby never had a boat maybe come up with it tomorrow tony
    Sure he was from Kiess

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    Plumber Correct George was from Keiss and drove lorries for the council after the Enterprise was sold to Pat Nichol

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    Was Girl Ann not skippered by Peter Rosie at some point?

    I recall someone onboard her telling my dad a story about a time they landed in Stromness & the skipper said to his boys to stocker(sell fish for cash) a couple of boxes of fish so that they had an entrance fee for the bar.

    When the skipper came back the crew gave him 60, so he started dishing it out equally among them only to be told, no , thats yer share!!!
    He said` what do ye mean?` the crew said we stockered all 12 boxes, we got 60 each
    Lets just say, Id get banned off here if I said what was really said next!!
    Cmey e Scorries

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    Thanks Peter what a great list you have compiled,surprising that I remember so many more now that I have seen them in writing.Once again thank you

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    Default Fishing Boats

    Peter and Mizpah - of course you are right - thank you.
    I stand corrected.


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    out bush again...

    Default Boat registration numbers

    Hi all,
    I have enjoyed reading through this fabulous thread. For us family researchers from afar, is it possible for someone to link up these boat names and skippers with their registration numbers??

    I did ask the North HIGHLAND Archive for this info a while ago but the costs are very prohibitive for overseas genealogy researchers at current exchange rates lol.

    I am researching Alexander, Nicolson, Bremner, Budge, Jack families from Slickly, Keiss, Auckingill and Freswick.

    thanks in anticipation
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    Does anyone remember the "Pentland Wave"? (Don't know if that was her original name)

    In the late 1960's, it was a former seine netter which had its wheelhouse removed and was gutted internally and then refurbished as a large cabin cruiser. Think the conversion was carried out in Orkney.

    I was lucky enough to get shown round at Scrabster. Think it might have been owned by Mr Henderson of Scrabster.
    A good few years later I saw her berthed at Whitby, she was so distinct with the fishing boat hull shape.
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    Gunnhilda WK 272 was owned by Sanders McNab
    He had another couple of boats in the 90`s, 1 was a netter but no sure of her name? I think the other was Sharron Rose bought from Eyemouth and converted to the clams.
    Bonaventure was skippered by Bert Mackenzie then Hartley Smith & Raymond Ross
    Prolific was skippered By Walter Mcphee
    Laurie Marie was skippered by Walter Mcphee
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    Default Numbers added

    Alvera Elaine (became Strathdonan) Skipper Alec Mackenzie then Geoff Henstridge then Andy Sutherland WK111
    Moray Lass Skipper Donald Harper WK167
    Bluebell Skipper George More WK279
    Boy Peter Skipper John Sinclair then James Sutherland WK164
    Girl Linda Skipper Donald Stewart WK426
    Girl Mina Skipper Donald Stewart WK172
    Girl Angela Skipper James Plowman WK130
    Avalon Skipper Donald MacKay WK189
    Avalon 11 Skipper Donald MacKay then Raymond Ross WK343
    Avalon 111 Skipper Raymond Ross WK343
    Enterprise Skipper Malcolm Steven then George Swanson then Pat Nichol WK229
    Golden Spinney Skipper John McKenzie then David John Mckenzie WK245
    Ocean Swell Skipper William Bain WK23
    Starlight Skipper George Sinclair WK107
    Convallaria Skipper George Sinclair WK254
    Good Hope Skipper George Donn WK209
    Quo Vadis Skipper George Donn WK401
    Seagull Skipper Thomson Sutherland WK38
    Ivy Skipper John MacLeod then Jack Ross WK396
    Mhari Bhan Skipper John MacLeod WK176
    Sceptre Skipper John Bisset WK73
    Silver Chord Skipper Ian Ritchie WK488
    Rosemary Skipper Hugh Calder WK412
    Maid of Honour Skipper Jack Carter WK30
    Lea Rig Skipper Hugh Carter then Jimmy Carter WK3
    Valhalla Skipper Hugh Carter WK171
    Quiet Waters Skipper Donald Shearer WK12
    Ebeneezer Skipper Ernie Miller then James Sutherland WK135
    Olive Leaf Skipper James Sutherland WK 457
    Girl Ann Skipper Peter Rosie WK527
    Maid of Honour Skipper Hugh Carter WK30
    Sapphire Skipper Jimmy Carter WK230 ?
    Alban Skipper Alex Cowie then Derek MacKillop WK222
    Stroma Isle Skipper David Dunnet WK408
    Tern Skipper George MacCaughy WK449
    Loch Inchard Skipper Desmond McLeod WK110
    Star of Peace Skipper John Bremner WK36
    Halcyon Skipper Earnie Miller WK194
    Harbinger Skipper Donald Miller WK 96
    Maldon Skipper Malcolm Steven WK188
    Pilot Star Skipper Alister Budge WK 188
    Maldon Skipper Gordon Steven WK279
    Superb Skipper Alister Budge WK432
    White Heather Skipper William Miller WK184 (sold to Tom Ross Lybster)
    Golden Eagle Skipper Robert Swanson WK359
    El Alamein Skipper William Smith WK235
    Alert Skipper Robert More WK119
    Andrias Skipper Jack Ross WK470
    Rosebank Skipper George Thain WK155
    Rival Skipper Bill Wiseman WK123
    Stack Rock Skipper Bill Wiseman WK197
    Smiling Morn Skipper Tom Gunn WK70
    Leticia Skipper Sandy Miller WK321
    Rose in June Skipper Tom Budge WK73
    Faithfull Skipper George More WK126
    Laurel Skipper Jack Farquhar WK42
    Brighter Morn Skipper Jimmy Gunn WK78
    Firecrest Skipper Jack Ross then Sandy Gunn WK207
    Royal Burgh Skipper Bill Shearer WK561
    Steadfast Skipper Donald Sutherland WK20
    Ben Loyal Skipper Jimmy Carter WK3
    Fram Skipper Ronnie Sutherland WK439
    Heather Anne Skipper Alec Mackenzie WK111
    Leandris Skipper Jack Ross WK471
    Astra Skipper Ronnie Sutherland WK28
    Glen Loth Skipper Andy Sutherland WK28
    Earna Skipper Harold Thurop Wk354 (skipper killed in an accident aboard her North Sea)
    Pentland Swell Skipper Iver MacKay Wk157
    Chance Skipper John Sinclair then Donald McKay WK126
    Chance Skipper Donald McKay then George More WK126
    Gleaners Skipper Roderick Bremner then Robert Swanson WK325
    Gleaners 11 Skipper Roderick Bremner then Jim Bremner WK164
    Ardent Skipper John Malcolm Wk55
    Spindrift Skipper Archibald Miller WK177
    Kittiwake Skipper John Bremner then Norman Bremner WK203
    Crusader Skipper Donald MacKay WK172
    Ajax Skipper Alister Budge then Donald Plowman WK 106
    Spray Skipper John Rosie WK188
    Atalanta Skipper Alister Budge Wk161
    Westward Skipper Rob Begg Wk798
    Maranda Skipper Jim Carter WK230
    Two Boys Skipper Dan Plowman WK151
    Tern Skipper Robert Swanson WK99
    Pursuit Skipper James Swanson WK69
    Golden Dawn Skipper Sanny Adamson WK173
    Jean and Florence Skipper Ronnie Sutherland WK109
    Immaculate Skipper Tommy Sutherland WK94
    St Vincent Skipper (Wellum Chimes) William James Coull WK117
    Economy Skipper George Thain WK45
    Snowdrop Skipper James Flett Mckay WK41
    Sprightly Skipper Sanny Adamson WK124
    Star of Peace Skipper John Bremner WK150
    Fisher Boy Skipper Jim Bremner WK152( lost Brimms Ness 1953)
    Fisher Boy Skipper Jim Bremner WK 152 (lost under Marine Inn Thurso 1949)
    Integrity Skipper Hugh Calder WK412
    Godetia Skipper John Sinclair WK164
    Fulmar Skipper Malcolm Steven WK 80
    Girl Margaret Skipper Jack Ross snr WK343
    Trust Skipper Jim Oag WK428
    Speedwell Skipper John Sinclair WK355 ?
    Provider Skipper Liam Smith WK84
    Daystar Skipper Liam Smith WK 84
    Bonaventure Skipper Alec Mackenzie then Hartley Smith then Raymond Ross WK235
    Resonance Skipper Hugh Malcolm WK368
    Solace Skipper Harry Clyne WK50
    Boy Andrew Skipper Norman Bremner WK171
    Opportune Skipper David Fraser WK171
    Boy Andrew Skipper Andrew Bremner WK170
    Boy Andrew Skipper Norman Bremner WK172
    Crusader Skipper Donald MacKay WK460
    Reward Skipper Bill Shearer WK239
    Blenheim Skipper George Simpson WK158
    Amethyst Skipper Geoff Henstridge Wk635
    Reaper Skipper William Budge WK83
    Andrias Skipper Jack Ross WK489
    Be In Time Skipper John G Sinclair Wk430
    Astra 11 Skipper Ronald Sutherland WK210
    Beacon Light Skipper James Bain WK58
    Transcend Skipper Alec Calder WK167

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