From Carly Michelle Gunn
Dr Reverend George Gunn
I have recently been informed of a legacy left to me by a relative Miss Mary Gunn (a former nurse)

My solicitor informs me that her mother came from Brough. Her uncle was Dr rev. George Gunn a church of Scotland minister who died in the early 1960's. Her Aunt Violet married a Lawrence Goudie who drowned in WW2 a few weeks after their marriage.

Mary Gunns grandfather was James Gunn a bootmaker from caithness and her Grandmother was Mary Jane Gunn.

As we (my 2 sisters and brother) had thought all our relatives were now dead, this has come as a great suprise as there may be others related that we also do not know of.

My father came from Dunnet Head (James) as did his 2 brothers Frank and Gilbert.
email any information to Carly at [email protected]