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Thread: Going Green

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    Default Going Green


    A man came round from the council,
    to see about going green,
    he said we had to recycle,
    but i havn't rode a bike since ninteen.

    He said you must take all the bottles,
    to the recycle place in town,
    i said, i would, if you paid the bus fare,
    but he then turned to me with a frown.

    Thats the trouble with all you people,
    your attitude is very slack,
    I said if they still paid a penny a bottle,
    Every one would take them back.

    He then said low energy bulb's,were the future,
    then a boxful to me he gave.
    but if i wanted to live in darkness,
    i'd go and live in a cave.

    He asked if i'd had my green bin,
    and i asked him, what was it for?
    when he told me, i was utterley gobsmaked,
    and i nearly showed him the door.

    He said ,it's forall your grass cutting's,
    and i said, i aint doing that,
    he said, you must, it's council regulation's,
    and i said, i'm not cos i live in a flat.

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    true. we put fertiliser on the grass to make it grow then we mow it.
    stupid isnt it.

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