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Thread: What A Choice

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    Whilst we are waiting for Sunak to make his last big decision which will be to announce the date of the general election, let's just look at the shower of shite we will be expected to vote for.

    SUNAK, the feeble leader of possibly the worst Tory Gov ever. A decade of failed policies to look back on. The party is completely divided and has been so busy with the in fighting that it has let the people of the UK down badly. Why would anyone consider voting for these self centred hypocrites.

    STARMER, the original flip flopper who can not be trusted to do anything he promises and is constantly looking over his shoulder for the knife to go in from the lefties. I suspect that those that vote Labour will be very disappointed in a short length of time. With Labour what you vote for is not what you get.

    DAVY, the Lib Dems, what a weak looking, spineless leader he is. Does he really have any credibility ? What exactly do the Lib Dems stand for ? I don't think they know themselves.

    SWINNEY, FLYNN yesterday's leader that failed between 2000 - 2004 and a wannabe. Basically a continuation of Sturgeon and Yousaf and look where they got us. The only thing that this party has achieved is to compete with the Tories on incompetence, sleaze and a succession of failed policies. The only people who have benefited from the SNP years are the SNP hierarchy themselves.

    SLATER, HARVIE, Eco warriors that are more concerned about imposing gender politics on us rather than trying to save the planet. Using their undeserved ministerial positions to inflict Marxist style policies on the people of Scotland.

    TICE, a reborn Tory that has the charisma of a dead salmon and very few policies. His party along with other minor parties may possibly inflict a hung Parliament on us that will end in utter chaos as most coalitions do.

    So there you have it, it won't be long now before the election gimmicks move up a gear and the liars promise us the world and deliver nothing but failure. The biggest failure of all will be the one where they fail to protect the people of the UK and our way of life, be it good or bad.

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    It is a problem, if someone voted for smaller party there is a vanishingly small chance of the candidate being elected.

    Earlier this year there was a petition (now closed) on the UK Government petitions website:

    which said:

    "Implement "None of the above" on ballots in all United Kingdom elections #NOTAUK

    I urge the UK Government to permanently adopt "None of the above" on all ballots starting with the next general election, to enhance democratic choice and allow voters to express dissatisfaction. If NOTA wins most votes, consider rerunning the election, possibly with initial candidates disqualified. ... ".

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