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Thread: What, No loud demands from the SNP for a general election?

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    Default What, No loud demands from the SNP for a general election?

    Really surprised the SNP haven't joined Labour in demanding a General Election after the Conservatives poor performance yesterday. Under normal circumstances they would. Anyone have any thoughts why they are silent today?

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    Well, I think it is because the Scottish electorate also want an election in Scotland and that the SNP are running scared of the people. Only an election in Scotland will settle the question of how much support there now is for the SNP, in my view at least.

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    Probably something to do with the fact that they have succeeded in trashing Scotland whilst lining their own nests and now they know that we know. What a bunch of magpie's, ask those that donated to the missing 600,000

    I wonder how much damage Swinney is planning on inflicting on Scotland ? His Speech was laughable, talking about uniting Scotland. Then mentioning Independence, the most divisive topic that will ensure that Scotland will remain a divided country for generations to come whichever way it goes.

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    No one seems happy with anything in the SNP.

    So what would you all like… I realize ‘perfection’ is required, but never attained.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Horseman View Post
    No one seems happy with anything in the SNP.

    So what would you all like… I realize ‘perfection’ is required, but never attained.
    A few things I would like to see a Scottish Government do is :

    1) Reverse the downward trend of the quality of education in schools. Focus on teaching children proper subjects and stop the obsession with gender identity at an early age when even the children of this time are open to brainwashing.

    2) De centralise local authorities such as the disastrous Highland Council who are not interested in anything north of Golspie. Since Inverness has taken more control the Highlands have been forgotten in favour of wasting taxpayers money on vanity projects down south. Take a look at the condition of the roads throughout Caithness or should I say cart tracks. We were promised a quick reaction pot hole repair gang. They must be so quick they have disappeared up there own fundamental orifices.

    3) To actually come good on some of their manifesto promises such as the A9 dual carriageway and the never to be seen free computers and bicycles for all children. What happened to the state owned not for profit energy company ?

    4) To take a very close look at the standard of Policing in Scotland and do some retraining and look at their recruitment process.

    5) Sort out NHS Scotland which appears to be in decline due to under funding and inefficiency.

    6) To have a good look at the housing crisis and make sure that local people keep their place on the list instead of "incomers" getting priority treatment and to understand how their (SNP) anti landlord policies are making the situation worse.

    7) Plan for the re introduction of nuclear energy which will be needed to back up the renewables.

    8) Stop selling off Scotland's resources on the cheap for example the crazy auction of the Crown estate sites that Sturgeon presided over. I wonder who will have shares in that ?
    9) Put independence on the back burner until the damage to Scotland has been repaired and it can be proved that Scotland would be successful without the safety net of the EU which in itself is falling apart.

    10) Get Sturgeon and her bullies completely out of the party/parliament and make a genuine fresh start.

    There's plenty more but you get the idea.

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    I agree with all of that Tom Bowler. I would also like to see a realignment of taxes with the rest of the UK, maybe, just maybe, that might encourage doctors, dentists, senior nurses and experienced teachers to consider moving north of the border to help get Scotland back to where it should be.

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    Tom Bowler….
    I do think your thoughts and wishes are the same across the World. I know in Canada we wish the same.
    But it is a ‘changing world’, perhaps not for the better, but changing.

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