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Thread: Desecration of the Scottish Countryside

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    Default Desecration of the Scottish Countryside

    Until a few days ago, the remote single track Broubster road between Calder and Shebster was almost pristine. However, somebody had a light blue double divan bed and mattress to dispose of. They could have taken it to the Janetstown waste facility or even called the council to arrange a collection. But, no, although money is no object, they own a car, any maybe a trailer and can afford the best part of a gallon of fuel they decided to hook up the trailer, load the bed and head off for a trip round the back of Loch Calder towards Dorrery. First stop, dump the mattress over the fence on the hill above Brawlbin. (would be a two person job) Head on and along the Broubster road then dump the drawer units and headboard. Final stop just before Shebster dump the divan base.

    Time to head home, most likely past the Janetstown waste facility, although I suspect this was a late evening/darkness trip, so the facility would have been, inconveniently, closed.

    Why dump in three places? Why dump at all? Maybe some perverse concern for the environment. Shame.

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    I agree, dreadful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer View Post

    ...most likely past the Janetstown waste facility, although I suspect this was a late evening/darkness trip, so the facility would have been, inconveniently, closed.
    Much as I do agree with you and am just playing Devils Advocate here... but...

    Have you tried using the Janetstown dump recently?
    Not as easy as it used to be, They can be very fussy over what you can dump there, type of vehicles allowed & by the looks of it you even have to book ahead now.

    My guess is that they probably tried & failed but needed rid off there & then so felt like they had no choice.

    & No, it wasn't me.
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    Default Benefit of a doubt?

    Perhaps we should give them the benefit of a doubt. Maybe it was all an accident. There they were, heading home with a new (second hand) bedroom set, when suddenly they took a wrong turn down a single track. It began to get dark. They were lost. They were scared. A storm was brewing on the horizon, and the rain began to pound down so hard they couldn't see the road in front of them. It was then that the mattress, which had been properly secured to the truck, was ripped away by the wind. OH NO they screamed. THIS WILL BE A BLIGHT ON THE PRISTINE LAND. But their screams were muffled by the roaring wind. As they continued down the road, they hit a giant pothole. It was a pothole they had previously reported to the Council in 2021. As they entered the pothole, it was as if everything was in slow motion while they watched the drawer units bounce out of the truck. NO NOT THE DRAWER UNITS one of them screamed. It was then that they noticed they were running low on fuel and so they decided to unload the headboard to make sure they had enough gas to find their way back home. Much later that night, they arrived back at their house with just fumes left in the tank.
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