Is Kim Jong Un running Scotland remotely ? He will be celebrating the implication of the unnecessary Hate Crime and Public Order Act which may silence some people and accelerate Scotland evolving into a North Korean satellite state.

Many have fears that this Act will reduce, if not kill free speech, that remains to be seen. This Act will effectively make people very scared about voicing their opinions which will in turn kill the art of debating topics in a democratic way. It will be an ideal tool for the establishment to suppress the population in future years.

The existing laws that have been in place since the 1960's seemed to be working so why has there been so much time and taxpayers money wasted on tweaking them ? It has been tweaked to cover every topic that the SNP and Marxist Greens want to impose on the population. They do not want people to be able to oppose or criticise their ideas without risk of gaining a criminal record. This Act achieves little more than making it possible for the Scottish Government to intimidate people into silence by using citizens to complain about others which will result in the accused being Guilty until proven innocent.

It hasn't got off to a great start, Police Scotland's Hate Monster has already been slain and complaints have already been made about Police Scotland targeting white males between the age of 18 to 30 from impoverished backgrounds. It has also come to light that Non Crime Hate Incidents (NCHI) will be kept on record and may be seen during background checks by potential employees etc. The concerning thing is you may not be aware that you have committed an NCHI. The real test of this Act will be what Police Scotland consider to be hate or not as they will be judge and jury.

As expected this Act has been used to make malicious complaints and attack people who may have had the audacity to have their own thoughts and opinions which the complainant does not agree with. The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents warned the Scottish Government that this Act could easily be weaponised by activists, how clever of them to spot that one.

Unfortunately whilst Police Scotland investigate people who may have accidentally said the wrong thing, crimes like shoplifting, burglary, physical assaults and car theft will be put to one side whilst the crusade to silence the citizens of Scotland will be pursued enthusiastically and without impartiality.

Remember that Labour and the Lib Dems also supported this Act so there is absolutely no chance of it being repealed.

I look forward to the forthcoming Misogyny Act which should provide another chance to see a chamber of half wits at play. I can think of a few people in Holyrood that may have something to fear about a misogyny bill, can you ?

1984 has finally caught up with Scotland and this is just the beginning. More authoritarian acts will follow in due course throughout the UK, slowly destroying your personal freedoms.

This Act has already made Scotland look like a banana republic.