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Thread: Pylons vs Wind Turbines.

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    Default Pylons vs Wind Turbines.

    Why the Hate for Pylons?
    What is the difference with Wind Turbines?

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    one transmits electricity and the other generates it

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    Quote Originally Posted by mi16 View Post
    one transmits electricity and the other generates it
    Yes I know that…My question was why everyone is ‘up in arms’ about the Transmitting Pylons, when they seem OK with Windmills.
    Some people were acceding to the ‘Pylons, as the End of the World’ as we know it.

    ******Or could it be that The Community receives a Payment from the Windmills?****
    One must remember that any Payment made to a Community, is part of the Profits made by the Company…..In other words….
    To receive a Community Payment/Gift people have to pay extra Electricity prices! Capiche……
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    Am trying to figure out why more complaints are in The Groat’ over the Power Lines.
    I see there are over 1800 ‘VIEWS’ to my post, and no response from anyone explaining the issue.
    These large Pylons are likely over a Half Mile apart, and the Electrical Current from the wires poses no danger to the public as long as you are not standing within 50 feet…..Enlighten me please. Ty.

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    If we want wind power we must have wind turbines. I suppose many people would say that a line of pylons streching for many miles from the electricity is generated to where the electricity is consumed is an eyesore. Power cables could be buried underground (although that is much more expensive). Some electrical cables are under sea for example the Caithness–Moray Link:

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    Aesthetics! The cost does come into it…..
    Thank you….

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    my question is why dont we use the wind power to make hydrogen. what we have in Scotland is wind and water and other countries are crying out for hydrogen power for steelmills etc.

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    Turbines, when they come to the end of their working life. Who pays for the dismantling and removal from the site

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    Decommissioning requirements are set in the planning conditions for each project that has received permission. Most projects will have agreed a 'decommissioning bond' with the local planning authority at the point of planning consent to cover the costs of decommissioning, usually in the form of a planning condition.

    Highland Council often have bond requirements for ganing planning permission.

    For Example the recent Borrowstone Mains, Forss, Thurso application on 30 January 2024 had the following -
    No development shall commence until:
    i. Full details of a guarantee, bond or other financial provision to
    be put in place to cover all of the decommissioning and Site
    restoration measures outlined in the Decommissioning and
    Restoration Plan approved under Condition 4 of this permission
    have been submitted to, and approved in writing by, the
    Planning Authority. For the avoidance of doubt the bond must
    be called upon by The Highland Council and be enforceable
    against the operator and landowner and / or leaseholder; and,
    ii. Confirmation in writing by a suitably qualified independent
    professional that the amount of financial provision proposed
    under part (i) above is sufficient to meet the full estimated costs
    of all decommissioning, dismantling, removal, disposal, Site
    restoration, remediation and incidental work, as well as
    associated professional costs, has been submitted to, and
    approved in writing by, the planning authority; and
    iii. Documentary evidence that the guarantee, bond or other
    financial provision approved under parts (i) and (ii) above is in
    place has been submitted to, and confirmation in writing that the
    financial provision is satisfactory has been issued by, the
    Planning Authority.
    Thereafter, the Operator, and Leaseholder and/or Landowner, shall:
    i. Ensure that the guarantee, bond or other financial provision is
    maintained throughout the duration of this permission; and,
    ii. Pay for the guarantee, bond or other financial provision to be
    subject to a review five years after the commencement of
    development and every five years thereafter until such time as
    the wind farm is decommissioned and the Site restored.

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