Dear Mr Fernie,
"Dr" John Campbell keeps popping up on the newsbot articles.
Can I ask why? And if there is any element of selection, please stop.
I just watched most of the YouTube video in the latest post, which strongly implies that the vaccines are raising the death rate. Anyone with a grounding in statistics can see that Mr Campbell has made a glaring error in interpretation. (I suspect he actually knows what he is doing wrong, but likes the "controversial" result that he obtains!)
If you are wondering what the true picture is, Google anything like "covid vaccine mortality rates" and click on the link to the UK ONS data. You will be reassured.
Covid and flu are unpleasant illnesses, which sometimes go very badly wrong. Get your jabs if you are eligible - yes, the system is a shambles this year, but phone 0800 032 0339 and persevere. I'm off to Brora this morning for mine....