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Thread: Covid Vaccine Misinformation

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    Default Covid Vaccine Misinformation

    Dear Mr Fernie,
    "Dr" John Campbell keeps popping up on the newsbot articles.
    Can I ask why? And if there is any element of selection, please stop.
    I just watched most of the YouTube video in the latest post, which strongly implies that the vaccines are raising the death rate. Anyone with a grounding in statistics can see that Mr Campbell has made a glaring error in interpretation. (I suspect he actually knows what he is doing wrong, but likes the "controversial" result that he obtains!)
    If you are wondering what the true picture is, Google anything like "covid vaccine mortality rates" and click on the link to the UK ONS data. You will be reassured.
    Covid and flu are unpleasant illnesses, which sometimes go very badly wrong. Get your jabs if you are eligible - yes, the system is a shambles this year, but phone 0800 032 0339 and persevere. I'm off to Brora this morning for mine....

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    Dr. Campbell is not a Dr…He is a Nurse Teacher.
    He is widely recognized for his ‘in depth’ analysis of the misinformation that has been put out by some authorities.
    To many he is ‘the voice of reason’!
    If he was putting people in danger he would have been stricken from the records.

    In the beginning Drugs were being recommended by some, who were severely punished and Doctors stricken off!
    Now some of these drugs are being used.
    I think that everyone is entitled to their own choices.
    If you don’t like what he says, there is a simple solution!

    I will add……..where I live a ‘certain Government organization’ with many people..Scientists and That Type, do not want to know if their Colleagues had The Jab, and do not force anyone to be Vaccinated…I know many are not, due to personal reasons.
    Do you believe all Gov’t sources.
    The most recent Bivalent Jab is a mixture if all the previous ones, and HAS NOT BEEN TESTED on humans. Think about that!
    Do they have their RATIOS correct?!
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    "If you donít like what he says, there is a simple solution!"
    Are you telling me to ignore someone who spreads misinformation that is likely to reduce vaccine uptake? I'm not inclined to do that and I will call out nonsense if I hear it. Campbell's comparison of mortality rates in cohorts with profound differences in underlying health is an error of schoolboy howler proportions. It's embarrassing...
    And as you point out, he calls himself a doctor because the University of Bolton gave him a Phd for some kind of video work. If he talks tripe his messages should not be presented on the Org as if they were verified news items.

    PS - Horseman: try not to use capitals in your posts, or mention shadowy government bodies - it gives anything you are trying to say a definite flavour of tin-foil hat!

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    How do you know he is spreading garbage…..
    Freedom of SPEECH!
    Isn’t that a ‘BASIC RITE’!

    And The UK and The United States started a War in Iraq, knowing there were No Weapons of Mass Destruction!
    Think that one thru!
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    Not a Shadowy Gov’t Body. There are only a few places in the World that deal in their product.
    Ahhhh Tin Foil….looked it up!
    No Sir/Madame…..
    Take 5 Vaccines and mix them together with a Flu shot. Don’t test them and give them to the Public.
    Really is this the way to go..

    Bill Fernie had something to do with Health. I realize he is Cautious with his replies, but maybe he can comment.

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    I know he is talking garbage because I have some grasp of statistics.
    Campbell's video appears to show higher mortality rates in the vaccinated population, because he makes very basic errors in interpretation. I suspect he is being disingenuous - he can't actually be that stupid if he had a career training nurses - and he is making these claims because controversy gives him hits on YouTube.
    Society is being poisoned by misinformation. Genuine science and medical statistics are being undermined by people with conspiratorial axes to grind, and money to make. Anyone who shrugs their shoulders and says, "Oh well, that's the internet for you" is allowing this to happen. Hence my post.

    PS - After "tin-foil hat" the next expression you should Google is "whataboutery": good example in your post above, where you invoke the Iraq war in a discussion on vaccines!

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    I agree, Society is being poisoned by Misinformation……..
    The Iraq War is a Premier example of Gov’t information or was it Disinformation!
    Actually, just saw that the UK Parliament is actually going to hold an debate on Excess Deaths!
    There are also many studies going on around the World!
    Keep an ‘open mind’! One always learns something.
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