I continually read about Damage being done to Toilets in Caithness and of course particularly Thurso. It seems they are re-furbished and then Damaged again!
Last time I was in Wick the Toilets were closed due to Vandalism……
Some time ago I think it was Willie Mackay standing outside The Wick one, with a story of said Vandalism…but what was done?

Now the Police..Sir Robert Peel Circa 1829, formed Principals, one of which was….
****The Primary object of an Efficient Police Force is the Prevention of Crime, the next that of the Detention and Punishment of Offenders when Crime is committed!
This ‘simple statement’ exemplifies (a typical example), of UK Laws and for that matter Laws around The World.
In New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the 90’s brought in enforcement against ‘petty crimes’ like damage, and halved all the Crime there.
Where are The Police?
You have a Retired Cop on Council….What gives here!
Perhaps Mr Fernie would like to comment? I think he was ‘on Council’ at one time, and was also in charge of some other issues.

Comments please!