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Thread: Media Double Standards

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    Default Media Double Standards

    I'm all for scrutiny of politicians. The main stream media (MSM) are usually in the vanguard of such scrutiny. If politicians have been shown to have done something illegal, immoral, hypocritical etc, etc then by all means expose the facts to the public. After all, they chose to stand for election to public office and they must expect their lives and actions to be under scrutiny. And surely it is only correct that those who involve themselves in the regulatory and legislative processes of a country be expected to adhere to even higher standards than they demand of the rest of us.

    In recent weeks the SNP has been under intense scrutiny. That's fair enough. They are the party of Government and it is right and proper that the MSM take a magnifying glass to their actions. If there is smoke then check to see if there is a fire. If a media outlet actually discovers a fire then I would hope that they would report it.

    Since Nicola Sturgeon's resignation as First Minister the MSM in Scotland have gone into overdrive. Almost every day the front pages have been dominated by alleged scandals involving the party and it's MPs, MSPs, leaders, leadership candidates and party officials. The Daily Mail and Daily Express, in particular, have been incandescent with rage. This has been reflected in their front page headlines and articles where even the most inconsequential matters are exaggerated into full blown "scandals".

    You might think, therefore, that the MSM would be utterly outraged at the current "MPs for Hire" scandal involving senior members of the (UK) governing Tory party. It involves a sting operation conceived by the activist website Led By Donkeys (whose website only points to their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts). If you haven't seen any of them there are a series of videos in which prominent Tory MPs discuss the fees they would charge for working with a South Korean firm as members of that company's international advisory board. What the MPs didn't know was that this was a sting operation and that the company doesn't exist.

    Now, MPs are allowed to have second jobs so long as, in taking one, they comply with a fairly voluminous set of guidelines and regulations. There is no suggestion that the MPs involved have broken any laws but, if you watch the videos, I would defy anyone not to be a bit cynical about what is going on.

    Here is a link to the trailer for the series of videos.

    There seems to me to be a fair bit of smoke billowing about. So why aren't the MSM looking for signs of fire with the same degree of rigour that has been used on examining SNP "scandals"?

    How silly of me! I'd completely forgotten what a bunch of lying, hypocrites our MSM are and how they seek (and usually succeed) in manipulating the political agenda in the UK.
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