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Thread: Latest Indy poll result.

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    Thanks for the link.

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    I think this survey just released regarding the Scottish public's perception of the Scottish government is far more telling than independence polls

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do tell. In what way are these results "far more telling than independence polls"? I'd really love to hear your interpretation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corky Smeek View Post
    Do tell. In what way are these results "far more telling than independence polls"? I'd really love to hear your interpretation.
    I think this poll is far more interesting as these all areas that affect our daily lives.

    These are areas that the current Scottish government control. It appears more people think the SNP/Green coalition aren't doing a particularly good job.

    These are the same people who would be running an independent Scotland, although that prospect seems to be fading quite quickly, thank God (and Isla Bryson).

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    I rather thought that your interpretation would be along those lines.

    Like most unionists (happy with that?) you appear to have difficulty in separating the SNP and support for independence. Not everyone who votes SNP actually wants independence (weird, I know) and certainly not everyone who wants independence supports the SNP. The latter category is far larger than the former. There is considerable disquiet in the independence movement about the SNP's performance, role and priorities.

    Another common misconception among unionists is that the SNP would run an independent Scotland. Maybe they will but I think it is far more likely that the party will begin to dissolve as members move to form new alliances on the left, right and centre. I don't think it will take that long for new parties to emerge. I even think that faced with the new reality (an independent Scotland) politicians who are currently in unionist parties will seek to be included.

    Finally, I cannot finish this post without remarking on the fact that you saw fit to praise a convicted rapist in your last post. That, combined with your failure to condemn William Curtis over his online comments on the assassination of Nicola Sturgeon leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth. I really do wonder what sort of country you want us to live in.

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    You are correct Corky, but why all this arguing!
    This kind of conduct gets ‘no one’ anywhere.

    You are all doing ‘The Merry go round’ thingy! All Fighting about something that can be decided in Court. Such foolishness.
    Until you all get together, you are going ‘no where’!

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