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Thread: SNP to Hold Special Conference 2023.

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    Just read that the UK Government will block The Scottish Gender Bill, allowing a CHILD of 16 years of age, to change their Gender!
    Of course, now the Government of Scotland will likely spend huge sums of money fighting it.

    I read that on the BBC. Can it be true!

    I am shocked that you all agreed to this dramatic change. As is many parts of the World!
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    I don't think you are in touch with reality in Scotland at all. If you were, you would know that there has been widespread protest and unease in Scotland from women's groups in particular and amongst all Scottish politicians of every hue and with some resigning over it- and yet you blithely assert, out of a motive of mischief making 'that you all agreed to this dramatic change'.
    As always, I really do wonder at your motivation.
    This particular issue is incredibly difficult to master for many and it deserves so much better than your response.

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    Like many I have my reservations over the SG's gender reforms. However, I freely admit I do not know enough about the subject and all of the attendant issues, so I will keep my own counsel on the matter.

    However, whether I agree with the reforms or not is beside the point. The simple fact is that the bill was passed in Holyrood by a clear majority of elected MSPs. Due process was followed at all stages and it is only right that this bill should pass into law.

    It is outrageous that HMG is doing this and it is another quite blatant attack on Scotland and its parliament. The matter in question is a devolved issue over which the SG has authority. It is up to our parliament to pass our laws; even if they might be very contentious.

    But what really galls me is the hypocrisy from the Tory benches in the HoC many of whom fought and won Brexit, at least partly, on the basis that they wanted to stop interference from another legislature (the EU). Yet here they are employing the very same tactic they were so outraged about just a few years ago.
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    Right now Scotland is still under ‘The Governing Body’ of The United Kingdom.

    And Fulmar there is No mischief. Corky explained it! A Clear Majority of Elected Officials voted for it.

    To which I disagree.

    ******Perhaps even yours.
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