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Thread: SNP to Hold Special Conference 2023.

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    Default SNP to Hold Special Conference 2023.

    Another ‘Go’ at Independence!
    But this time a New Statistic…….
    This time, they could have a YES Majority, if they didn't include ‘The Undecided Voters’! Huh?

    It is written…The SNP is Desperately seeking Relevance! And another go at spending £Millions.

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    I do not think that it is irrelevant at all for the SNP to do this as they have said that this is what they are about and they will be (presumably) seeking the best way forward with regard to the next GE and possibly another referendum. The fact that the population is split (although 4 polls now have shown growing support and a small majority for their position) and some don't agree is neither here nor there, at least in my view.
    The telling poll for me is that 72% of 16 to 24 year olds in Scotland are wanting independence. They are the people who will be carrying it forward for years to come if and when it happens and not the old people who have had their chance!

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    Well said Fulmar, on all counts.

    These actions are consistent with the party's manifesto upon which it was elected. I was actually reading Paul Kavanagh's blog earlier on and he claims there have now been 7 polls in a row showing a majority for Indy.

    I do think it is very telling that the younger generation are so pro-Indy. Polls consistently show their overwhelming support for it and I do feel all of us old farts need to heed what they are telling us.

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    Both of U…..
    To me and to ‘most’ people, they/you are going from one failure to another!
    I read 5 (Five) Polls that said Yeah, with the Caveat……if the Undecided weren't included.

    That’s what you call a Successful Campaign?
    And Corky, you said u didn't Support The SNP? Who do u Support?
    ‘Fragmentation of a cause’ is a Recipe for disaster!
    Again…More of YOUR money down the drain!

    There are strategies for Winning, and I (From Afar), and having been involved in ‘like situations’, do not find this appealing.

    And I have been reading about £5million being spent on Scot-Rail and they are ‘on strike’. No proper Care/Transportation for The Sick/pregnant women, Heating bills Unaffordable, Roads not gritted. Honestly the £Millions being spent on a Huge Conference would be better spent on the poor people. Actually The SNP mite be better looked at if they addressed these issues.
    Your Politicians are are the same as ours. Living ‘high on the hog’, ignoring the poor folk …yes I know as I remember Caithness, and I was for a period of time attached to both Provincial and Federal Gov’s in Canada.

    I remember a saying…’Get a Grip’ Corky!
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    Horseman, I have lost count of the number of times I and others have dismantled your arguments. But, I'm a bit bored so here I go again.

    1. "Most" people do not appear to think they are going from one failure to another. If you have evidence of this present it. My evidence to the contrary is the commanding lead the SNP have in all the polls.

    2. The "Undecided" are always mentioned in polls. Data is presented to show those "For", "Against" and "Undecided". The latter category is then removed to present the figures for and against as a simple comparison. This is done regardless of who is ahead in the debate. This is common practice and most folk seems to accept it as a perfectly reasonable way of presenting poll results.

    3. There is no campaign at the moment. Have you forgotten that the Supreme Court has ruled that Westminster has to give permission for a referendum?

    4. I support independence for Scotland and will vote for whoever I feel will achieve that aim. I am not a member of any political party.

    5. It is not money "down the drain". Any expenditure was authorised by the electorate who voted the SNP into power in Holyrood.

    6. Much of what you say about strikes etc doesn't make much sense, I'm afraid. You seem to be confused about where power and responsibility lies in the UK. The Scottish Government has no power over many of the issues you mention.

    7. Whatever any "huge conference" may cost it will not be paid for by public money. It will be an SNP event and they (and any other organisations involved) will have to fund it. So to repeat: no public money will be spent.

    8. You appear not to have a very high opinion of politicians. You criticise, entirely unjustifiably, Scottish (SNP) ones but somehow fail to mention the great list of current Tory politicians mired in scandals of every conceivable kind. Please, just spend a few minutes researching the financial corruption allegations currently hanging over many Tory politicians, both elected and non-elected. If what is alleged is correct then the sums involved would be more than sufficient to solve the many ills you mention above.

    I repeat my plea to you: do not rely on the biased opinions of much of the MSM for your information.

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    Spin it any way u want.

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