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Just wondering how much you have to hate Scotland to be doing cartwheels of joy over the SC ruling. It must be a strange feeling, professing your Scottishness, yet delighting in its subjugation to another country. And the really weird thing is that this blind and unquestionning loyalty to the UK has no real substance to it. In essence it means that if you are currently head over heels with the delight then what you are saying is that no matter how bad things are in the UK, and they are bad; really bad; I mean hopelessly bad, then you would genuinely rather hold on to a sinking ship than use the life-raft that Indy gives us. In another thread I asked for anyone to provide one positive, substantive argument for the union and nobody could.

So, the UK is in terminal decline with only Russia having worse economic prospects. The rest of the world is coping far better with the effects of the war; Covid aftermath and CoLC. That is because the UK became the only country ever to impose economic sanctions upon itself (Brexit).

And I really am mystified by all the UJ-waving that is going on. All the SC did was confirm the status quo. Nothing has changed except the fact that, from today, Scotland's subordinate role in the UK has been formalised by judicial decision. We wanted clarity. Now we have it. Scotland must come to heel whenever England demands it.

So, to those of you puffing out your chests and thinking you have won something, I suggest that you may regret this pyrrhic victory. It will have done nothing but galvanise the support for "Yes". No-one on this side of the argument is going to change sides and treating Scotland like a second-class citizen will not win your side any votes.

Finally, the latest Ipsos Mori poll shows 61% of Scots think the Union's coat is on a shoogly nail. Getting shooglier by the minute.

What today and all its Union flag waving should tell you, is that what an appalling job the SNP have been doing. 15yrs and they still can't get anywhere near 50% of voters to vote for them.

We're jumping for joy because it pushes back the date for yet another referendum.

It does say an awful lot about the SNP and the wider Yes movement when so many of us would rather stay with the sinking ship than get in a rudderless, engine less compass less 'life raft' that is independence.

I think the SNP are going to be in for a suprise when a fair few of their votes will be taken by Labour.