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Thread: Liz Truss

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    Default Liz Truss

    If all the speculation is correct Liz Truss is highly likely to be the next PM. She is certainly gaining a lot of media attention today particularly over her remarks about ignoring Scotland's First Minister.

    Do we really want a PM who thinks it is prudent to ignore our country's democratically elected FM? If ever we needed a reminder that, as I said on another thread, the wishes of the people of Scotland don't amount to a hill of beans in the UK then we have just had it.

    I suppose I should be happy as she is going to make Indy more likely if she continues in the same vein.
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    James O'Brien's take on Liz Truss' views on Nicola Sturgeon.

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    Well Corky…you seem disillusioned with everyone.
    Pray tell me…What are you, The Scots, paying for in The Scottish Gov’t?

    A Headline here and there…..A Photo OP here and there……you are going NOWHERE are you! Same old, Same old!

    £Millions for??….??
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    There is a great deal to be disillusioned with if you happen to be living on these islands.

    As to your second point I am quite sure you know perfectly well what the SG spends its money on.

    You third point, about photo ops and going nowhere, just reveals the level of your ignorance of Scottish affairs.

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    Thank you….
    Corky….We all have problems!……
    Change has to come somewhere along ‘the line’….Of course that is if the trains keep running.
    But I digress…………
    You say you are not an SNP’r..
    Please explain what several different ‘Partys’ are doing!? Doesn’t that Fragment the situation.
    My first thought of The SNP was many years ago, where it was painted at Lybster Harbour. Any years ago!
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    The UK Supreme Court will hear The Application by The Scottish Gov’t for a ‘Consultative Referendum’ on October 11/12 this year.

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    Well then, by her own logic...

    If the press reports are true & she is going to change the referendum rules to 50% of the electorate & not 50% of those who choose to vote then with less than 50% of Conservative members voting for here she is an illegitimate PM.
    “We're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine....
    And the machine is bleeding to death."

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    Either way, I guess we're all trussed up!

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