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Thread: Grasshopper warblers

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    Default Grasshopper warblers

    I heard and also saw grasshopper warblers while out collecting wild raspberries from a sort of hedge of thick bushes and vegetation at the side of a track. They are red listed and said to be less common in Scotland. I didn't know what the bird was but thought it would be a warbler and was easily able to identify it from recordings and video online. I was delighted anyway and think I would have missed it had I just been walking past. It's an amazing song- like a soft buzzing and like nothing else.

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    I recorded a Grasshopper warbler that was at the bottom of my garden for a few nights. I never saw it.

    Recorded at about 10.30pm 8th June 2007

    I posted a recording on Youtube

    A few bird watchers cam to my house but they did not see it either. One agreed by listening it was a Warbler.

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