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Thread: If The Supreme Court deems Indyref2 legal?

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    Perhaps u could give us a Synopsis of the 113 pages.
    It doesn't change the outcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goodfellers View Post
    No one is trying to silence 'Scotland's voice' When it's in the majority rather than minority, we'll listen.
    Better start listening then:

    Independence - 56% Yes; 44% No.

    SNP - Support now at 51%.

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    SNP clearly ahead…..51%…
    Ya Gotta Be Kiddin’!

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    Horseman, I take it you know the meaning of the word "thrawn".

    The Scots Language Centre comments upon the word thus, "To most people, however, thrawn is the ideal word to describe a certain twisted or cross-grained streak in the character of many Scots.".

    In other words, if you tell us we cannot have something and can provide no good reason for denying us it other than, "it's ma ba' an' ahm no' letting' ye play", you will see just how thrawn many Scots can be.

    Considering what you were saying recently about support for independence, I think 51% support is a pretty good place to be. Certainly, it is a far better place than that currently occupied by any of the unionist parties.

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    I think that is an interesting poll and thank you for posting the link to it.

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    You are very welcome.

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    Yup…51% would ‘LIKELY’ Vote for the SNP. Interesting u would miss ‘The Operative Word’…LIKELY.

    And where is The Other Fish…Wee Eck and The Alba Party?
    Last edited by The Horseman; 09-Dec-22 at 00:55.

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    Och Horseman get a grip!

    The word "likely" relates to the person's intention to vote not and to the party they intend voting for.

    "Among those with a voting intention and very likely to vote, 56% say they would vote Yes in an immediate referendum while 44% say they would vote No.".

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    And where is Mr Salmond…Hiding….
    I think u said u didn’t vote for the SNP……..Is it ALBA……..Thats OK…..we won’t tell anyone! Hehe.

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