Hi folks. It's been many years since I last looked at these forums and I've come here looking to salve my conscience a bit.
Way back in 2009 a young lass in Wick posted on here that she was looking to rehome her dog as she was struggling to cope with him and her 3 bairns. As usual, the forum members gave her very good advice and recommended that she place her dog with Labrador Retriever Rescue for rehoming.
This she evidently did, as I ended up with him shortly after. His name is Bolt and he's a lab/ GWP cross. Originally came from a gamekeeper out Reay direction. Bolt was the name she gave him and I kept it because it seemed to suit him very well. He is now 13 years old and doing extremely well. He acts as though he's 5 years old.
To the point of my post. I know the lass looked after him very well and she was distraught at giving him up. I just want her to know that he continues to do well and loves life on a Black Isle farm.
As per the title, its a long shot but I'd love it if anyone knows who she is if they could let her know how he's doing.