Donald MacDonald from Glengolly has a new book out, Life's Too Short For Ironing Shirts. It's a memoir of growing up in the Caithness countryside. As his friend Ian Leith says in the introduction, Donald's a natural storyteller, and the book's both thoughtful and entertaining. His affection for te place and people comes out, and local readers will recognise many of the folk he mentions. It's well worth a read (and no, I'm not related to him!).

He wrote it during an extended stay in hospital last year, and all proceeds from the book will go to Ward 5A in Raigmore, so a good read for a good cause.

Not sure about distribution- I live in Edinburgh, so asked a friend in Thurso to pick one up, and he found it in Caithness Livestock Breeders - it seems to be through local shops.