Missing cats Caithness:
A Pet is an animal that is intended to be kept permanently, by a person (myself) for companionship.
This story is about our family pet who was potentially taken and kept in doors,shed/garage or bedroom with possibly little to no means
of escape.
I recently wrote a post on my facebook page "missing cats Caithness" bringing attention to the use of cat traps in Caithness area but that very
night our pet Ghost did not come home. (coincidence maybe)
I am a mother who had to watch her Child distressed because of our cats disappearance. (seems to happen often in Caithness)
Ghost went missing around the 25th and though we searched he was no where to be found.
I feared he was trapped, maybe in one of those horrible cages,its design is to trap any small animal that ventures in after stinky tuna or succulent meat pieces.
My next move was to put a post up asking for help from friends, neighbors or anyone who might spot him while out walking.
It was not long before I received some messages, one in particular I was personally anxious over but agreed to keep it completely private.
This kind of made me think about how people like to feed cats, care and give their own time because of their desire or once had desire to do good. Made me think about others who foster pets/cats because they have a natural ability to care. (my own thoughts only)
By my own volition decided to bring awareness because Ghost is not a stray and looked at make a report. (Police and or other)
Then at precisely 02:41 AM on 30th Ghost came over a wall, headed to my door then immediately to my bedroom window where he got in straight away.
It was raining heavily at approximately 02:30,I knew this because I was up and awake, but Ghost was almost bone dry? Certainly not wet like a cat who was out and about should be.
Could it be he was kept in close by or dropped of close by, this would explain the route he took when I saw him come home.
Then another told me about some cam footage which actually has Ghost on it, this footage is currently being reviewed.
Good news though Ghost is back snuggling in with his bestie, my daughter.
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