So there you are, despite the roads in Caithness being in a dangerous condition The Highland Council do not appear to intend to repair them all due to lack of funds. See Caithness roads Recovery on Facebook.

We can, therefore look forward to many years of bumping along damaging our vehicles and risking our lives due to The Highland Council and the Scottish Government not giving a sh1t about the population of Caithness or the Highlands as a whole.

Thanks to Caithness Roads Recovery some of the worst areas are receiving some attention but if you are unlucky enough to live on a road that is classed as minor etc, then you are going to be left to endure road standards that would normally be associated with a third world country.

The only way forward is to send your dissatisfaction to those who are responsible for providing us with basic services like safe roads. Many say that no one will take any notice but if we can continually flood their inboxes with complaints and valid points then they will at least know how unhappy we are.

The Highland Council will continue to plead poverty and the Scottish Government will continue to say it's not their problem, however the money is there in the Government coffers but they will not even acknowledge the seriousness of the situation. It would be good to see a member of the Scottish Government visit Caithness to see just how bad the roads have become, may be they are afraid of falling off the edge of the world when they pass Inverness !

Let's not leave it until some one gets seriously injured before bothering to put finger to keypad.