WOW !, so there is a 44 million pounds surplus at The Highland Council (THC). Unfortunately in my opinion, very little of that will be ear marked for the repair of roads in the highlands. It would also appear that the Scottish Government have suddenly found a lot of money and are promising to spread it about, anyone would think there is an election soon.................... Why can't they send some to Caithness for emergency road repairs ?

Apparently some of the surplus is due to savings made by THC etc, could the savings possibly be as a result of not carrying out much needed maintenance work for years on the roads of the Highlands ? Even if the whole sum of money were to be used to bring the highland roads up to standard it would sadly not be enough to complete all the road repairs.

I understand that there may be other needy causes but the roads are the routes to getting to many of those causes safely.

I have noticed that repairs are being made to the main roads and I suppose the plan is to get to the side roads as soon as possible. Much emphasis has been put on getting the NC500 up to standard and understandably so but where are the Jet Patchers and why aren't they repairing pot holes in the side roads whilst the resurfacing teams are concentrating on the main roads ?. The task ahead is now too big for the current Road Team to resolve in the near future so hopefully they will receive some help.

Unfortunately the current spell of weather will accelerate the number of pot holes and crumbling surfaces. Whilst THC and the Scottish Government quibble about whose fault it is and who should fund repairs the roads just get more and more dangerous. They are two of the most incompetent organisations that I have had the misfortune to come across. No wonder we now find ourselves in a crisis situation.

In the meantime we should all continue to lobby THC and the Scottish Government who have both failed the people of the Highlands. I know that the Scottish Government are not interested and hide behind figures and legislation but we have to show them that we are not going to go away until the issue is resolved. What is the point of having a Government if they are not prepared to Govern ?

Caithness Roads Recovery have been working hard to encourage the authorities to work together, take responsibility and get the crisis resolved as soon as possible.

Please take a moment to support them in their campaign to get your roads back up to an acceptable standard.

I have emailed most of the election candidates apart from Maree Todd SNP, who, it seems is impossible to contact by email at the moment.

Struan Mackie, Conservative, has also failed to respond.

Thank you and take care.