This post is not farming related but I believe the farming community may be of some help to me.

I've recently been doing some follow up investigations on large black cats which have been seen in the west of the county. I do remember accounts of such cats, including a Puma, having been in the local press over the years.
Has anyone seen, either recently or in the past, large cats either black or brown in colour on their land? Have any of you suffered losses of stock? Have any of you come face to face with such a cat?
I'd be very interested to hear any reports from the farming community.
Any information provided to me will be treated confidentially and your anonymity is assured. I am looking into this subject for my own personal interest.
If you have had a recent encounter/sighting, and it is one that I feel requires some follow up research, then please provide contact details.
Please email:

Thank you.

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