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Thread: The Post-Brexit Power Grab

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    Default The Post-Brexit Power Grab

    This is just the start.

    How many more broken promises? How many more lies? How many more gross deceits?

    The simple fact of the matter is Westminster hates Holyrood. It hates us having any power over our own lives, so it is taking power back. The power grab was forecast yet scoffed at by the arch-Unionists on here. Almost immediately Brexit was done, it started. And this is just the beginning. How long will it be before the USA demands access to the Scottish NHS as part of a UK/US trade deal? How long before we have no choice but to have chlorinated chicken in our shops because a trade deal says we have to? How long before our shelves are full of GM foods?

    And what about our fishing industry? Deliberately sacrificed to get Brexit done, with the added advantage (for them) that once it has completely collapsed Westminster can claim that we are now even less self-sufficient as a country. It's almost as if Westminster wants to destroy the Scottish economy, piece by piece, so that it can then "bail us out" and claim we are too poor and too stupid to run our own affairs.

    We simply cannot allow our lives to be ruled by people who either ignore our wishes or who are actively trying to put us back in our pre-devolution box. Fortunately, the upcoming Holyrood election will give us another chance to demonstrate how we feel about these matters.

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    USA...NHS? Access?
    Chlorinated Chicken? No America have died yet..have they?......if so Stats and References...
    GM foods are already with you....
    Gosh you are so unhappy! Your still alive! Many are not!

    I mean no respect, but perhaps get The Two Fish sorted out before you criticize everything else! Your Govít is making World headlines! And they are not good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Horseman View Post
    I mean no respect, but perhaps get The Two Fish sorted out before you criticize everything else! Your Gov’t is making World headlines! And they are not good.
    I really have no idea what you are referring to here.

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    Salmond and Sturgeon....As quoted by BBC.

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    A couple of points.

    I've never heard of a fish called Salmond - Wanda, yes but never Salmond.

    You appear to be adopting the standard unionist argument of saying we can't consider Indy until "x" is sorted out. The problem is; there is always an "x" unionists consider needs sorting out before they can consider Indy. We have had enough.

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    Corky.....SALMOND.....SALMON, get it........?

    You have to get ‘Gov’t’ united to thrust ahead with change.....even if you did win the Ref., how could anyone rule with everyone with such different views.
    Again...The money you are putting away for the Vote, should be used to help the poor.
    Do you want a replica of the Brexit mess!!
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    I just think that my precious England needs to cut loose Scotland so that the Scots can decide their own future. Scotland will have a bright prosperous future given her abundant natural resources and population skill level. I am warm to having an independent Scotland as a friendly neighbour with common goals. But I believe their communist ideals will undermine English nationalism if we stay together in Union.

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    I agree with Rheg.......but lets do it at a more appropriate time.
    Methinks Corky ‘ain't’ listening to the Latest news. Things are not getting better.
    Get Covid out of the way, and get the 2 Ministers....first and second, with their appropriate ‘baggage’ out of the way, and Scotland may be successful in finding it’s way to/as a Free Country!

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    @ The Horseman

    If Covid 19 was cured tomorrow and on Monday, Salmond and Sturgeon were both banished for good, to the salt mines of Siberia you would just think of another "now is not the time excuse". Oh!, we can't have IndyRef 2 now because only 8 out 10 cats prefer Whiskas. We must make sure it's at least least 9 out 10 before we can agree. Sorry, you can't hold an IndyRef now as far too many folk are still putting their bins out too early. Perhaps when we have solved the age-old problems of how many roads must a man walk down and why it never rains in Southern California it'll be OK but not before. Unionists will always find an excuse for denying us our democratic right. Remember, any Union that prevents you from leaving is not really a Union; it's a hostage situation.

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    The people Spoke! Simples.

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    Things have changed since Indyref1 Horseman. Maybe if you lived in Scotland, you would fully realise that. Anyway, I think that moves are now afoot that are unstoppable to hold the second referendum. I want it to be on a legal footing though and to have the full weight it needs and I'm not too sure that even a sweeping SNP majority in the election indicates that. But I agree with Corky that with a clear majority now wanting to leave, at least as indicated by opinion polls, then that referendum needs to be held. I believe wholeheartedly in democracy and actually, if Scotland does vote for it then I would want it to be amicable and co operative with England and the rest of the UK (what's left of it) and the best way for that to happen is for Westminster I just typed Westmonster!) to do the decent thing. I speak as one who has an awful lot of reservations and considering not voting when it happens as I think that the future belongs to the young and I am not in the right age group.

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