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Thread: * a true story of missing cats in thurso, caithness scotland*

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    Default * a true story of missing cats in thurso, caithness scotland*

    * A TRUE STORY OF MISSING CATS IN THURSO, CAITHNESS SCOTLAND*I am going to start at the very beginning and hopefully this can be taken seriously.

    About four/ five years ago, I bought my two girls a couple of cross Bengal kittens. (one was chipped the other was not).
    Now I already had an older, very wise cat but he didn't seem to mind these beauties.
    All three cats went missing, one on a Friday night and the other two the following day?
    I advertised everywhere, frantically searching for the childrens pets.
    Three weeks later the old cat came back and from the looks of him he had made quite a journey.
    Paws were well used, fur had tangles and back legs filthy and matted from sleeping rough or walking through dirt.
    ( old cat recovered quickly) The other two cross Bengals were never located.....
    Months and months passed and then I saw an advert, a woman was selling two black kittens, cross Mainecoons. She was from the inverness shire area so I called and took these two black kitten home.
    Now this is where this becomes more sinister.....
    These boys were kept in as house kittens to begin with because of the other two disappearing but when they got to about a year, we let them have some freedom.
    Low and behold One by the name of Ghost disappeared, soon after getting out....
    I put up all the adds and walked the town
    6 months passed and through my daughters bedroom window came a black cat, GHOST, the lost cat...??? 6 near 7 months later he came home..
    Ghost would not even leave the house, we could not force this cat out for a long time.
    Brothers were re united and that is the photo I have enclosed....
    A few months passed and in March Both cats gone again, bang just like that and to be sure on the same night.... Again adverts everywhere, calling vets etc etc.....
    April I re advertised everywhere I could think of....
    Time passes and we never stopped looking and offering rewards etc...
    Then out of the blue on the 30/09/20, the local vet calls and asks us to come collect our dead cat. The lady was sympathetic and said he was hit by a silver van and then went on to say she realised I lived the other side of the town. (across a river which seperates Thurso)
    She scanned the cat and found the micro chip, hence the call..
    Midnight is the dead cats name and he is now buried in his favourite spot in the garden, ( I will erect a stone with gold lettering for him).
    I contacted the police after making the lady aware both cats have been missing for 6 months since March.
    ( not the fact the cat was hit, it was logged as cats missing and the fact someone had the cat all this time.)
    The dead cats condition was well looked after, groomed and fed.
    So long and short of the story , five cats in total missing, only one has ever returned alive.....
    Some one out there knows where my cat/cats are and I will not stop until I find them.
    This has caused my children extreme anguish and hurt... More to the point though there seems to be a lack of sympathy from the very people who are supposed to care?
    This is a true story and I am sure there are others out there with similar ones.....
    I have now advertised looking for Ghost to bring him home and to bring awareness as to what has happened and so many people are interested....
    I am interested in seeing if anyone else has had similar issues with missing pets/cats...
    Please do not assume that I am an eccentric crazy cat lady. I am an older Mum continuing to look for her Child loving Pet .
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    I thought, acted, and thereupon found myself removed.

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    Let us not forget that some of these cats are therapy pets and in some cases the only companionship during these extremely lonely and harsh times #MentalHealthAwareness
    I thought, acted, and thereupon found myself removed.

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