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But once again.......... U Lost. Not enuff Votes.
if you lost, you are the Minority! HUH!
How do you mean we lost? Do you mean Scotland, Wales and NI lost because England voted Tory? It has ever been thus...Scotland, Wales, and NI get the Government England votes for every time. Even on the very few occasions in the past that we colonies have had any influence on the result of an election, it has only been because England couldn't make up its mind as to which of the only two parties which count with them to vote for.

Or do you mean we lost the first independence referendum? That was lost because of lies and dirty tricks by the opposing side...ie the Unionists and their Government. Note, I said the first referendum, not the last....because in a democracy, even a pretendy one like ours, it is OK to change your mind....so another referendum will come...and if that fails, yet another one.....for as long as people want independence and there is a political party with independence in its manifesto.