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Thread: Bird Sound?

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    Default Bird Sound?

    Hi we have a bird(?) that visits our garden and don't know what it is. We never see it as it visits at dusk but we hear it. It makes a deep warbling sound. Any ideas please? Thanks

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    Blackbirds often sing at dusk but I'm not sure your "deep warbling" description fits so I have attached a video for you to check.

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    Hi thanks but not a blackbird. It's a very deep warbling more a woo, woo, Woo woo woo. Very deep.

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    Possibly a dove!!

    Can you tell where the bird is located, i.e. high up on a building or in a tree. Or is it on the ground? Is there another bird "replying" with a similar call?

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    No its flying and comes very close to our house. no other birds replying. I have listened to all the owl sounds and it's nothing like any of those. It's quite a spooky sound.

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    It's a Drumming Snipe.

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    Well done for solving the mystery.

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