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Thread: Lost Cat

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    Default Lost Cat

    We are missing our Black & White cat that was last seen this morning lying by the BB Memorial at Pennyland Farm, I have been told it looked as if it had been hit by a car but it has since dissapeared. Any news would be appreciated.

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    Default lost cat

    Did your cat have a collar on as I saw a black and white cat this morning about 9am when going to work. It was wandering about in Barrock Street and I think it had a red collar on. Seems quite far from Pennyland Farm though so may just be coincidence.

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    have you checked the vets?

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    Thanks. No collar and aleady checked with the vet,police and Balmore where we got him from. There is some blood where he was seen lying down but no sign of him since. Have checked eveywhere several times and he has not turned up for his food as normal.

    So was it him? - seems likely.
    Where has he gone?- my worse fear is he has crawled somewhere injured, but as mentioned turned everywhere upside down.
    Otherwise who would lift a dead or injured cat?


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    Default cat

    I saw the black and white cat this morning lying at the memorial but to me it looked like he was already gone!
    It was a large cat that was not short haired nor long haired but something in between
    If someone phoned the council or the sspca they would come out and remove the body, that is why it has disappeared from the scene!

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    know how you are feeling Judge, our cat has been missing months now but I know that if he were still alive he would have come home as he loved his comforts.

    In a way not finding him has been better than finding him dead, certainly for the kids as they have not been heartbroken, upset yes but its a case of out of sight out of mind for them.

    thoughts are with you

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    Thanks for letting me know. I phoned the Council earlier, but not the SSPCA, I'll give them a call first thing. It would settle our minds to know where he is.

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