"Hiding in Plain Sight" by Carol Craig sounds like an interesting and thought provoking book:

" ... Scotland. A country that prides itself on its modernity and progressive instincts. Yet this is a nation whose mental and physical health outcomes are poor by European standards. Hiding in Plain Sight looks beneath the veneer and asks ‘why?’

In this grippingly readable yet challenging book, Carol Craig offers an answer which, on reflection, becomes glaringly obvious. Generations of Scottish children have suffered in ways that undermined the nation’s health. The effect on some individuals has been, quite literally, life-threatening. Disarmingly honest in starting from her own and her neighbours’ lived experiences, she explores the growing body of international research on Adverse Childhood Experiences.

This is essential reading not just for those who grew up in Scotland in the 1950s and 60s and were encouraged to see a range of damaging childhood adversities as ‘normal’. Its insights are for anyone committed to enhancing the lives of children across Scotland today. ... ".


Edited extract: