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Thread: Photography beginner group

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    Default Photography beginner group

    Looking for local begginner group for photography anyone that can teach me as am very new to photography be lovely to get better at using my camera many thanks

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    Me too, someone was going to start a beginners course, but they faded away.........

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    aww thanks for reply if I hear of any I will let you know..

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    Try he was advertising last year on here

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    Thanks for the link, I'm looking for a digital photography course but haven't found one.

    In the mean time I've been collect all the tips and techniques that I can get my hands on around the Internet. I've been tucking them into a collection on a free site called Flipboard which runs on all devices. It covers different genres of photography and is filled with articles and videos.

    It's free to use and here:

    Hope it's beneficial!

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    Google "a year with my camera". I just started the course, it's free and lasts 1 year
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    Might I recommend the following text:- Understanding Exposure, Fourth Edition (Paperback) Bryan Peterson, 2016.

    From the title it may not sound like it is the ideal book for a beginner, but it is. Light is the most important thing for photographers. Learning how to control the light entering your camera is vital and that is what this book is about. I promise, it is not too technical and it assumes very little prior knowledge.

    It is available from all the usual outlets.

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