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Thread: Mistle thrush

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    Default Mistle thrush

    I enjoyed seeing a mistle thrush while down in Dundee last weekend but I have never seen one here in Caithness. Has anyone else seen one or do they not come this far north?

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    Yes I have occasionally seen mistle thrushes here in Caithness.

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    There are Mistle Thrushes in Caithness in some woodlands and plantations, but they are not widespread.

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    Not seen a Mistle Thrush for many years, but I do remember they are pretty fierce if you go near their nest.
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    There's a new bird coming in the garden after googling it's either a song thrush or a mistle thrush but not sure what one, it's about the size of a blackbird, a right bonnie bird it is.

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    That'll be a song thrush.
    A mistle thrush is bigger.

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    Song thrush has a very distinctive way of repeating musical phrases in its song. Beautiful bird.

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    Please can we have a mistle thrush too for comparison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulmar View Post
    Please can we have a mistle thrush too for comparison.
    Of course.
    Nice wee clip of one singing below- a more simple song than the virtuoso song thrush. The mistle thrush is also slightly larger than the song thrush, grayer plumage with spots instead of the song thrush streaks.

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