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Thread: Independance Referendum "everyone will respect"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddquine View Post
    And once we get a referendum without lies and scaremongering and a fair crack of the whip in the UK media, it may well be considered a fair test.....but the last one wasn't by a country mile.

    And don't bother repeating that Edinburgh Agreement for a third will get the same response. Westminster didn't keep its side of the bargain.

    Just explain to me why we should not revisit the question, particularly given the list of promises and assurances binned by Westminster spokesmen after they got the vote they wanted.
    Yes we should re visit the situation, things have changed, as regards another referendum, and was proven last time around, both sides will lie, you cant airbrush out some of the porkies that came from nationalists and aspects of media are now closer to nats than last time round as well. Or are you saying only nats tell the truth ? All politicians "bend the truth" to suit their positions, we all know that through experience. I look forward to nat doc in December re BREXIT options as they will be ahead of rUK and should seal a march on them . As regards WM, I dont really know whats going on, as does 99.99999% of the population so cant compare nats options with UK. When its comes down to it an increase in a yes vote will be determined by how people see the economics, uncertainty and hassle. I still suspect that there will be no indy2 vote unless polls shift dramatically as it would be political suicidal calling indy 2 against the run of play, still its Sturgeons choice ultimately

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    Not quite sure is it "Fefty Lovies" or Leftie Luvvies'?
    "Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped."

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