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Thread: Today in FMQs.

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    Default Today in FMQs.

    Worthy of a mention, you'd of thought by now Ministers would of learnt to be careful what you say when there's Microphones switched on. Alas our First Minister was today caught calling Dr Richard Simpson an idiot.

    Always aware how the First Minster has lectured us about respect for others I'm wondering if we have for the first time seen the mask slip and the real Nicola Sturgeon show her face in front of the whole nation

    Her other major faux pas was asking why Kezia Dugdale wasn't attacking the conservative seemingly forgetting we are in Scotland not Westminster and Kezias job is to hold the government of Scotland to account not the UK govt.

    Today Ms Sturgeon seemed irritable and unable to hide it due to another week which saw nothing but bad news for the SNP in Holyrood.
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    No doubt shes getting rattled what with hens comming home to roost, inactivity / paralysis over Mcgarry scenario, Swinney admitting that they have to make "hard choices" ie do things for once, regardless of westminster who may have squeezed them, but they face hard choices and a party increasingly being seen as less than white wont get away with it, thats why nicola wants a whiter than white party, leading a new politics, it can cushion the blows of whats to come and unpopular things at that....people have to belive in their honesty and integrity for this to work.......and you cannot control everything sh*t happens

    In fairness to Swinney he's just announced a programme of capital projects totlling over 300 millions, get construction moving well done sir
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