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Thread: "A frightening prospect"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rheghead View Post
    In 2010 David Cameron and Clegg struck up a working framework for a coalition. During those talks, the tories rejected a much purer form of proportional representation for a watered down less democratic form that wasn't fit for purpose. That went to a referendum and Cameron campaigned against it and we are stuck with fptp. Those fateful decisions have come back to bite the unionists on the bum. And to be honest, if we did have proper PR then we wouldn't be in this pickle in the first place as a lot of us would still be clinging to a Britain that we think is a place of fairness and a place to be proud of..
    Aye it was a referendum and the people chose, nice thing democracy, now it's all well and good the SNP crowing from the heights about what they may do but the election has yet to take place,nothing is won or lost as of yet and regardless of whatever the outcome even worst case scenario that the SNP does get its hands on some power they only thing it would prove long term is how totally unsuitable and inept they are.
    I seem to recall lots of folks on here telling everyone at the referendum how it was virtually a done deal because the pollsters where showing one thing and we all know how that ended.
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