Suffering from terrible migraine headaches, a man went to his doctor, took a series of extensive
medical tests and got some really bad news.
The doctor told him only castration would relieve his suffering. The headaches were
so bad the patient agreed to the surgery without a moment's hesitation.
After the surgery, the headaches were gone but the patient was very depressed over the loss
of his manhood. His doctor told him about a little tailor shop around the corner and suggested
if he bought a complete new outfit, he'd be surprised at how much it would cheer him up.
Walking into the shop, he told the tailor what he wanted and started to tell him his hat size.
The tailor interrupted him and said, "You wear size seven and one-half hat size, fifteen-thirty-three shirt size
and your trousers as thirty-four waist and thirty inches inseam. "
"You're exactly right," the astonished customer said, "how in the world do you do it?"
"Been in the business for years. You also wear size thirty-six undershorts and size ten-medium-width shoes."
"Now that's where you're wrong, I wear size thirty-four undershorts." "No way," said the tailor, "if you wear the smaller size, they'll put pressure on your testicles
and give you terrible migraine headaches."