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Oh come on Squidge, I was simply pointing out that some people try so very hard to ram ideas down one's throat, so it's delightful to say "hang on a minute, you got that wrong didn't you" surely you are not saying It's wrong to point this out? I am sure Piratelassie can stick up for her/his self without you wading in to protect her/him - will it be yet another PM?. My actual wording below this pertains to the FACT that Scotland voted NO and the weasel words of those who deny that it was ever said: "another referendum will not be for another generation" and yet straightaway renege on what they said.. You as an English SNP member know that a Referendum is a 'reserved matter' and nothing - such as voting to leave EU etc can be a 'trigger'.. I think I will replay that Desert Island Discs one with ms Sturgeon retelling how she cried when it looked like it would be a big fat NO. Never mind IF the UK votes to come out of the EU, it's only a referendum, so we can always ignore the results and have another one, that's the Nationalist way isn't it?

The SNP havent actually fully reneged, theyve sorta reneged, sturgeon has said indy 2 will occur when she judges that the SNP will win, and that they will be concentrating on governing over the immediate future.... she has to manage expectations of hard line yessers hasnt she. Given their oil fiscal sums were out by 6,000% and structural changes in North Sea oil activities ( things wont ever be the same there again ) she will need plenty of time to get ( ie if ever ) an economy that can sustain full independance, at least she recognises, unlike Salmon and hard hard liners, that it was the no perception of the economy and unanswered big questions that led to yes being rejected not late interjections of "the vow". SHe is on record with this ie these are not my words Im qouting from sturgeon and indeed swinney, so yes folk should just accept the situation, we are where are.