Ok, I thought it might be good to have a music thread where you share what you're listening to / good albums / things other people might not have heard of or gotten round to listening to yet.

My favourite albums I have on just now are

Grizzly Bear - Shields (brilliant melodic album, with some hints of John Lennon Instant Karma era stuff in there, beautiful melodies and vocal lines)
Alt-J - A Different Wave (just won the Mercury Music Prize, not that that means anything anymore, but its a good album, some will hate it)
Deerhoof - Breakup Song (this is completely off the beaten track, very different but immensely fun and brilliant musicianship)
Graham Coxon - A+E (Blur's guitarist is so much more than just being Blur's guitarist. Love his new album)
Jack White - Blunderbuss (He's just brilliant, Jack White. Bits of Motown, the blues which I ordinarily don't like, and his own unique slant on lyrics and guitar playing. Brilliant)
Richard Hawley - Standing at the Sky's Edge (He's usually a crooner, but has turned up the guitars loud. Very atmospheric)
Tame Impala - Lonerism (it sounds like 70's prog rock with massive synths and guitars!)