I am looking for information about my GG grandparents. This is what I know:
Alexander Miller, a seaman, married Anne Bruce, d.o. James, 8 Aug. 1851 in Wick.

Their children were: Jane 1853, Alexander 1855, James 1856-1861, Margaret McIver 1858, Anne 1860, Jamesina 1862, William Crawford 1864-1956, Robert 1867 and Catherine 1869.

William C. Miller moved to Glasgow by 1887 and married there. He and wife Flora moved to Canada about 1912 with surviving five of their six children.

I visited Wick in 1998 and very much enjoyed it but found no more information about this family, despite dragging my poor husband through the entire Wick cemetery.

I am anxious to know if anyone has links to this family and whether and descendants remain in Wick.