Here are a few guidelines for posting in the Free Stuff section.

Please give as many details for your item as you can.

Inform the reader if the item has to be picked up or can be delivered. Also state where and when this is possible,

Give details of the BEST way to contact you. If you want private messages, please remember to check into the site regularly to pick up any you receive. If you only want replies on the thread, again, please check in regularly to answer any queries.

Most importantly, when your item is gone or you no longer require the advert, please use the report post link at the bottom left of your post to inform the moderation team that your post can now be removed.

Following these simple guidelines will help keep the Free Stuff section neat and tidy and help prevent the frustration suffered by those people reading adverts and enquiring about items that are no longer available.

Your consideration of these guidelines when posting in this section will be greatly appreciated.