Hi there, my name is Debra (nee FLEMING) My connections to the Fleming family are as follows: My father was Peter Fleming, who was born in Perth in 1929.His parents were:

father; John Cunningham Fleming
Mother; Helen Christina (nee DOW) died Perth 1934

Our family immigrated to New Zealand in the 60's, and we were always under the impression that our grandfather was Irish. Whilst visiting England in 2000, my brother & I went to the Perth BDM registary office,and in the space of 2 hours found out our grandfather was Scottish, and had re-married having a further 5 children.We were in contact with one of his children, who said that the family never knew their father had been previously married, or had children.Unfortunately this lady has passed away, so contact has been lost.I realise that this maybe a delicate situation,but I would really appreciate some-one (either family or friend) contacting me with addresses etc. It was always a mystery as to why our grandfather was never mentioned. He was portrayed as bieng a bit of a rogue, but comments made from his daughter, made us think that maybe that was not correct.My grandmothers family were quite well to do, owning shops in Perth,and from the story told,when she died her mother took in my father, and my uncle was fostered out,and my grandfather was told to go back to Ireland! which obviously wasn't the case at all. My theory is, that seeing he was young,widowed with two little children to look after,my grandmothers family stepped in and took charge. I do know that Grandfather Fleming never had any contact with his children again, now thats indeed very sad.! So from my brief outline, you can see why I am most interested to learn any information at all on my grandfather. Perhaps his wife, and I think she is still alive, and living in Thurso may have known all the time of his previous marriage, but in those days things of that nature were kept quiet, especially as he had had no contact with his children.So you can see from my brief outline, why I would so dearly love to have contact with any of his family.

John & Helen (Ena) had two children-
Peter John Fleming bn 18 May 1929 Perth. Died July 1978, Dunedin New Zealand (48yrs)
Douglas Fleming '' 1932/33 Perth , he has since died also.

John Flemings parents were Peter Fleming and Jane (nee Crammond)

Hopefully some-one will endeavour to help me with my request.Looking forward to replies.