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Thread: Forum Rules

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    Default Forum Rules

    E-mail addresses
    We do not allow web based e-mail addresses to be used as part of your account on Caithness.Org.

    The web e-mail domains on this list have already been identified and blocked from our system. We will be adding more as we come across them. If your account is found to have an e-mail address from that list it may be deleted.


    Do not give out personal details of people you may know to other members of the forum.

    If someone on the forum is requesting details of someone you know. You can pass on a message to that someone letting them know one of our members is looking for them. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES give someone else's details to another member without permission as there is no way to confirm the intentions of the person making the request. Anyone who is found to be doing this will be removed from our forums.

    Moderation Policy
    To further ensure the happiness of our regular users we are now implementing a more comprehensive system of moderation. We hope this will help prevent most disruptions on our forums.

    We now have an Infraction system:

    Yellow Cards - You will receive a Private Message which will identify the post and the rule that was broken. These warnings are given to remind you of the Rules, failure to follow the rules will lead to Red cards.

    Red Cards - Infraction, the same idea as a yellow card except that you will also receive points, once your point level reaches 10 points you will be suspended until your point total has dropped below the limit.

    The penalty for being suspended is a permanent 4 points being added to your account, this reduces your free points and these will add up so that your third suspension will be a permanent ban.

    Moderation Arguments
    In order to prevent arguments over our moderation practices, we have a double layered system, all Moderation will be checked by the Admins.

    Therefore taking your case to an Admin in the hopes they will override whatever decision has been made is futile, you can guarantee that we will already have discussed the issue with the moderators involved.

    Any abuse directed at the moderator in question will lead to an instant permanent ban, they are here to help with the smooth running of the forum and doing so they should not be open to abuse.

    General Posting Rules

    Business Advertising allows free classified adverts. Currently local businesses can advertise in the business section on the forum - Bill Fernie 13 June 2012.

    Swearing & Sexual Content
    We do not tolerate swearing or sexual content (or innuendo) of any kind. This includes using ***'s or any other form of word ma5k1ng. You must understand that these forums are read by people of all ages and we must moderate accordingly.

    The Infraction points will vary from 1 point for Innuendo to >10 points for intentional strong swearing, duration of the points will vary but will generally be 3 months.

    Links to Other Websites
    We have no problem with users posting links to other web sites, however, everyone should be aware that posts containing links to other web sites will be treated in the same manner as a normal post. If the content of the site breaches our terms and conditions the poster will be subject to the same moderation as if the content was posted on our site. i.e. site contains swearing or sexual content, poster receives suitable amount of Infraction points.

    Users should also be aware that although the page they link to may seem innocent enough on first glance, it may be linked to adult content. Websites should at least be checked for an "acceptable use policy" outlining a policy on adult content or that any adult content on the website is more than 2 links away from the url posted.

    Content From Other Web Sites
    We have no problem with users pasting in passages from other web sites. We would prefer that anything posted in this manner comes with a link to the original or at the very least, gives credit where it is due. We will not tolerate people claiming to have written the piece when they have not. Users will find that it is easy to be caught out with this practice and it can be very embarrasing.

    Plagiarism without proper credit carries is 1 Infraction point for 3 months.

    This describes the practice of one web site displaying content that is stored on another web site. As our forum has the ability to display images from anywhere on the internet, leeching is most likely to describe an image from another site being displayed in a users post. Obviously the content of the image will be subject to moderation, however, should the owner of the image be unhappy about it being "leeched" onto our web site, we will remove the post.

    Leeching carrys 3 Infraction points, duration 3 months.

    Check with owners of images before you include them, their bandwidth costs money and they may consider this practice to be stealing.

    When messages are posted in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, it is considered to be shouting. On the whole, the poster does not intend to shout, but has simply omitted to check the status of their caps-lock key before posting. This type of post is almost always taken as shouting and the intent of the post can be misread by other users causing arguments and disruption to come from a simple lack of care when posting.

    Shouting carries 1 Infraction point, duration 1 month.

    Duplicate Posting
    Our forum is a fairly neat and tidy place (makes it easier to use). However, some users feel that in order to get their point across, they should post their views more than once. This does nothing but clog up our system with useless duplicates and hence will not be tolerated.

    Duplicate posting carries 1 Infraction point, duration 1 month.

    This describes various practices including, starting a thread with a view to raising the tempers of others, bringing back to the top old threads that have died out naturally with a pointless quip, needling other members into a pointless argument. Accusations of trolling will be based on our own view of posts and the initial reaction by our members.

    The Infraction points will vary from 1 point for minor trolling to 5 points for repeated trolling, duration of the points will vary but will generally 3 months.

    Nonsense Posting
    This describes posts that are purely based on fantasy. We do not wish to see serious threads hyjacked by changing the main topic into fantasy nonsense. That is not to imply that humour is not allowed, as this is can always be added as an amusing aside. We simply wish to prevent sensible threads being spoiled.

    Threads which begin as fantasy will be removed and the poster will receive 3 Infraction points, duration 3 months.

    Threads that have been hijacked will be restored to a point before the nonsense began and the culprit gets 5 Infraction points, duration 3 months.

    Specific Rules for individual Boards
    Some of our forums have a specific set of rules for that board. You should read these carefully before you post in that area of our forum.

    General Content Guidelines
    As this is a community forum and is read by visitors of all ages, genders, religions, nationalities etc, please be aware of this when you post. Although we are not going to set a rule for what you choose to discuss on the forums, we would prefer that the topics are related to Caithness in some way, or national issues that affect everyone. It should also be taken into consideration that certain topics like football or religion can very easily be misread and cause offence, so great care should be taken when dealing with these types of issues.

    Private Message System

    All users have the ability to send Private Messages (PMs) to each other, if you have any concerns about PMs that you receive please contact the Administrator, give brief details of your concerns and also include
    • Your Username (if sent via email, not required if you use the forum)
    • User that sent the PM
    • Date and Time on the message
    Classified Ads

    Users should note that we do not allow the sales of Alcohol, Tobacco or Firearms on our website. Any posts of these items will be removed and the poster informed.
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