Drugs man has an "appalling " record

A WICK man with an “appalling record” of drug offences was jailed for two years at the town’s sheriff court today.
Ian Macleod (40) of Oldwick Road, Wick, pleaded guilty, on indictment, to possession of cannabis resin and being concerned in supplying it.
The court heard that, as police were searching his home, on December 18, last year, he admitted there were controlled drugs in the house. Officers recovered a stash of 160 gms with an estimated street value of £800. The accused had purchased it for half that amount.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay told the court that further investigation by the police revealed that Macleod had sold cannabis resin to two women who approached him between June 18 and December 18, last year, and each paid him £12.50. The accused has eight previous convictions for possession and four for the supply of drugs, his first offence having occurred at the age of 16.
Solicitor John McRitchie, who described it a “horrific record”, commented that the supply had been the limited extent of the commercial aspect.
He said that the Macleod had beaten the battle of the bottle and was determined to win the fight against his drug addiction.
Mr McRitchie said: “He realises that he has reached a point in his life when he will have to change or or spend a considerable amount of time in custody”. The accused had taken a decision to stop drinking while serving a previous sentence for drugs offences.
“He knows now that the battle against his cannabis addiction must be waged” said the solicitor.
Passing sentence, Sheriff Andrew Berry said that prison was the only option in Macleod’s case.

Drugs offender No 2

IN a separate drugs case, Alistair Kennedy, of Shelligoe Road, Lybster, was fined £1,200 after he admitted possession of cannabis resin and diazepam.
A police raid at his home, on October 6, revealed 100gms of the resin and 586 tablets, worth a total of almost £800. He indicated that he was a drug user and the drugs were for personal use.
Sheriff Berry warned Kennedy, 28, that continued use of drugs with such quantities, might give rise to the possibility that the accused was also supplying them.

Drugs offender 3

Andrew Macdonald was fined £500 when he admitted having been in possession of 193 diazepam tablets.
The offences occurred at his home in Clett Tr, Scrabster, and at Victoria Walk, there, on August 9, 2009.
The accused, 40, also admitted a number of previous convictions.