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Thread: Witnesses overdosed on drugs-court

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    Default Witnesses overdosed on drugs-court


    TWO people were rushed south to a Glasgow hospital after a drugs overdose at a Wick house, last year, the town’s sheriff court heard today.
    They recovered, and in evidence named Alexander Green as the person who had supplied some of the drugs in a daylight kerbside transfer.
    Green, 39, of Coach Road, Wick, denies having supplied Julie Webster and her then boyfriend, Mark Gunn with morphine sulphate tablets. The pair, overdosed on the Class A drug which they took along with other drugs, Sheriff Andrew Berry was told.
    Julie Webster told senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, that she was out driving with Mr Gunn, on October 13, 2010, and pulled in to speak to one of her friends, Green, at the junction of Dunnet Avenue and Henrietta Street, Wick. He handed her a blister pack with eight morphine tablets. There was no money involved, said Ms Webster who added: “It was a gift.” She said that Gunn and her went to her home in Harrow Terrace, Wick, and took four tablets each, after checking them out on the internet. She had taken diazepam earlier in the day.
    Ms Webster agreed with defence agent, Alex Burn, that it had been “foolish” to have taken one drug on top of another and replied: “I have learned my lesson.”
    Mr Gunn who said he had taken the morphine and some valium tablets, “in one go”, on the day in question, confirmed Green as the supplier of the morphine tablets.
    Mr Gunn told the court that when Ms Webster stopped to speak to Green, she asked him: “What tablets are you on today? Green just threw her the blister pack.”
    Mr Burn pressed, Mr Gunn about the source of his valium and was told: “I got them from friends”.
    Mr Burn: “Tell us who they were”.
    Mr Gunn: “I don’t know that”
    Mr Burn: “Are you thinking that if you tell on them, your drugs supply will stop?”
    Mr Gunn: “I don’t take drugs any more”.
    Mr Gunn:”You are not prepared to tell us who they are. I am sure that the constable in the court would be interested to know.”
    “ I don’t take drugs now”, Mr Gunn reiterated and added that he had stopped, following the overdose incident.”
    The witness denied pointing the finger at Green as the morphine supplier, to divert attention from his (Gunn’s) valium supplier.
    Detective Constable Kevin Burn said he detained Green on November 6, following an investigation and in a statement, the accused denied supplying Ms Webster with the morphine.
    The prosecution closed its case and the trial was adjourned to March 16.
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